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Birthday Gift for Smart Women – Coredy Robot Vacuum Cleaner, Fully Upgraded, Boundary Strip Supported, 360° Smart Sensor Protection, 1400pa Max Suction, Super Quiet, Self-Charge Robotic Vacuum, Cleans Pet Fur, Hard Floor to Carpet.

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  • 3-in-1 Sweep Vacuum Mop Robotic Vacuum Cleaner: R500+ is a 7.2cm super thin robot vacuum cleaner, eliminate dirt from under beds, sofa and hard to reach areas with zero effort. Include 3-point cleaning system and dual edge-brushes, works on hard floors and carpets to clean the dust and pet hair. Conveniently clean, schedule and customize cleaning preferences from remote control. Sleek, anti-scratch tempered glass top cover design complements your home decor.
  • Wet-Dry Mopping Function: R500+ floor cleaner robot supports wet-dry mopping function, vacuum multi-surfaces, dry sweep hardwood floors or wet-dry mop hard surface floors as you need, providing a comprehensive cleaning performance (Water tank and cleaning mop cloth sold separately). Anti-collision prevents unnecessary crashes, anti-drop intelligent sensor technology avoids to fall.
  • 5 Efficient Cleaning Modes: R500+ smart vacuum cleaner adopts 5 selective cleaning modes which includes Spot Cleaning, Edge Cleaning, Max Vacuuming Cleaning, Single Room Cleaning and Manual Cleaning to easily clean your place. Enjoy your time and leave this wireless vacuum to take care of your home. Engineered with dual-hall sensors can detect boundary strips to keep R500+ in the rooms you want to clean (Boundary strips sold separately).
  • High-Capacity Battery and Auto Charging: R500+ supports up to 120 minutes of constant cleaning, which is suitable for all household or public places cleaning. With self-charging technology, the robot vacuum could seek the charging base automatically after finishing its work or on low battery, make sure that its always ready to clean. Easily increase the suction power from Max 1400Pa to stable between different modes, but extremely quiet under 60dB.
  • What You Get: 1-Year Warranty, telephone call technical support. R500+ robot vacuum cleaner, plus completely range of robot vacuum accessories: 4x side brushes, 1x extra set of filter, 1x main brush, 1x remote control (2AAA batteries included), 1x cleaning brush, 1x charging dock, 1x power adapter, 1x welcome guide and user manual. Support floor mopping cleaning function and Boundaries Stripes (Sold Separately).


  • The Robot vacuum cleaner goes over the carpet, linoleum and the  rug in the living room just fine. We both watched for a while as the vacuum cleaner got used to the area rug.  She goes at it head on, she will get stuck. But amazingly, the robot figured this out! Now she approaches the area rug at an angle every time and sails right along cleaning all the time! 5 paws in the air for our new robot cleaner!
  • Really quick to install and was ready to use in less than 5 mins. The robot vacuum cleaner makes no noise, was easily able to move to carpet and hardwood floor and sucked all dirt and little things and easily roam from one corner to another avoiding collision with the furniture and walls. Its lightweight and easy to carry. Great suction power and was able to easily suck hair that is spread all over the carpet. It returns to charging station automatically.
  • This vacuum is worth every penny. I love how efficient this vacuum cleaner is! Its super easy to use. Offers a variety of settings. It picks the finer particles. I run this at night as we are settling down for the evening and saved a lot of time. I hardly had to pick up a broom since having this vacuum cleaner. It’s mainly hardwood and laminate floors throughout the house except a few area rugs and it manoeuvres all the thresh holds and different surfaces just fine. It even manages to lightly ride over a shag rug. I am totally sold on this product. I would definitely recommend this to anyone that wants to save time and energy.
  • I like everything about the Coredy robot vacuum cleaner. It’s suction power is really strong and it picks up lots of dirt from the carpet or flat surfaces. You could program the robot to start cleaning on specified times and when its done doing wonders it goes back to the charging port. It reaches every part of the house, and after just a few days you could clearly see the difference of a carpet that have been regularly vacuumed by Coredy. It’s easy to clean and empty the dirt compartment. I am pleased with this machine and glad I have one.
  • Wow, this is a wonderful robotic vacuum. The packaging is done well and the instruction are so clear. And coming to the setup its really easy. I was surprised that the vacuum does a good job. We have a small carpet and have vacuumed it many times and we still see particle. But the “Coredy” robot did a real good job and cleaned the carpet well.
    Has various options and the edge vacuum is fantastic. One suggestion is, is the vacuum can be operation via an APP that would be awesome. You can schedule the vacuum to clean the house daily at a scheduled time which is awesome and is returns to the dock when done.
    Some information in the manual is incorrect, LED lights are not green, and red. They are blue when charged and pinkish when charging. Although the manual talks about a boundary strip, there was nothing in the package.
  • I have been considering a robot vacuum for a while now. When I saw this one at such a great price I couldn’t resist! I really like the sleek design and blue detail as well. I have to say this vacuum has far exceeded my expectations.
  • The quality of the Coredy is on par with some other more expensive robot vacuums I’ve seen. It has some great features such as the fall and bump sensors and auto home feature which both seem to work perfectly so far. The package includes an extra filter and some extra brushes which is nice. Getting it set up was very simple and only took a few minutes.
  • I have been quite impressed with its ability to get around the house without getting stuck. It is also extremely quiet! I couldn’t believe how well it cleans for how quiet it is. The remote is great and a very nice feature. I love that you can manually manoeuvre it around using the remote to find specific messes, as it circles the area diligently. You can also schedule the regular daily cleaning or when we are away. It navigates around furniture really well and has no problem going from surface-to-surface. After letting, it runs for just a little while the carpets were completely vacuumed. There was some overlap but doesn’t look like it misses any areas in my house.

For the price I would highly recommend to anyone looking for a robot vacuum, this thing is great!

  • I would say this is a good vacuum for the price. It has some stiff competition but it surprised me with some of its performance.

Pros: Long Battery Life, Good Navigation, actually made it home, Dual Suction Settings (for longer battery life and better cleaning), Adequate Dust Bin, Able to clean hard floors, low pile and medium pile carpets.

Cons: No Mapping, No “Smart Features”, Lacks Navigation of “Higher End” Models – may get lost in a big house, Lacks Suction of “Higher End” Models.

I have a 2000+ sq ft area with multiple rooms/walls/obstacles all on one level. The vacuum cleaner clean an impressively larger part of it, and   managed to make it home (albeit it took a little while) each time it ran. I’m fairly confident that if I picked a time when we weren’t home for the vacuum to run it would cut down on the frequency that we would need to heavy clean, and the amount of pet hair that piled up. It does a fairly good job of cleaning each area and seems to run along the baseboards as well. There is an IR remote that comes it, it has a spot clean, heavy clean, baseboards, suction setting, etc. It allows you to set a regular time for cleaning as well. There is no phone or smart app, and there is no mapping. But once the battery runs low the vacuum traces a wall back until it “sees” the IR signal from the base. So I would put the base in the biggest open space you have. My vacuum made it back multiple times, even when it ran back from several rooms away. On the low setting the vacuum is pretty quiet. On the higher setting its a little louder but nowhere near a regular vacuum. I regard it as an automatic floor sweeper that can suck up some smaller particles. This will definitely not replace a full size vacuum.

Bottom Line: For something to run around and give a regular sweeping its great. It does not compare to the higher end Roombas and Neato vacs, but I would say its features are comparable to other vacuums in the lower end price range. This would be best suited for a larger open area (studio apartment or a more open floor plan house). It works well for my situation.


It’s a value for money robot vacuum cleaner that works well and clean all surfaces. It pick up human hair and cat fur as well. The vacuum cleaner have no wet/dry capability. It is designed for 120v so you will probably need a volt adapter. You can buy a battery for this robot as well. It’s a great piece of tech.

I like this Coredy Robot Vacuum Cleaner because it is a great way of vacuum floors and carpets while you watch TV and don’t have to do it yourself and a plus point, it’s an Amazon choice.

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  1. I was looking for some thin vacuum cleaner for my under bed areas and I found this post. With so many ways to clean by changing the modes and good charging capacity, this cleaner is superb. I would say that with so many features, this is good one for this price range.

    1. I agree a lot of features and don’t cost an arm and a leg. I like the fact that it can vacuum from floors to carpets and it returns to the charger automatically.

  2. Thanks for the review of this robot vacuum. I hate mopping and I like the fact that this vacuum has a wet-dry mopping function. I think I’ve seen other robot vacuums that cost 2-3 x more than what this vacuum costs and they don’t have many of the functional features that this robot cleaner has. For the price you’re definitely getting a lot of value out of this robot vacuum. Thanks again for sharing this information.

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