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Large Leather Duffel Travel, Gym Sports Overnight Weekender Bag.


Review: Large Leather Duffel Bag. (Single Pocket)

My Review of the Leather Duffel Travel, Gym Sports Overnight Weekender Single Pocket Bag.

I wanted to take a look at the Large Leather Duffel Bag because it was an Amazon best-seller. Let’s dive in and take a look.

KPL 30 Inch Large Leather Duffel Travel Duffel Gym Sports Overnight Weekender Bag (Single Pocket)

The best thing about the Leather Duffel Travel, Gym Bag is that it is a quality strong and very spacious bag.

Product description

Product description
100% genuine leather – the bag is a genuine handmade product and is made from chemical and dye-free leather. Veg tanning using natural edible oil and Sun tanning used for obtaining shades. The Leather Duffel Bag gives a wonderfully unique and antique look with use. Durable large inner canvas compartment. This large bag is big enough as a travel bag, gym duffel bag, sports duffel bag, overnight bag, weekend cabin duffel bag, carry on duffel, etc. Size 28″ Length x 11″ height x 9″ Width. Adjustable shoulder Strap with Shoulder Pad, Two Side pockets for accessories, etc., Front pocket for cash /mobile

Product detail

Shipping Weight: 5.1 pound

Average Customer Review: 4.5 out of 5 stars – 94 customer reviews

Amazon Best Sellers Rank in Sports & Outdoors.

The Pros of Customer Reviews

  • It comes with clips on each end of the strap. The strap can be removed easily.
  • Middle zipper and two end pocket zippers.
    The zippers appear to be metal, and of high quality. T
  • The metal rivets which hold the handles, and straps together are tight; the stitching is near perfection.
  • Positive it will last a very, VERY long time.
  • Impressed with the quality, workmanship, and the care that was so obviously placed in packaging.
  • The genuine leather smell was wonderful and you can tell that these are handmade quality items. I highly recommend!!
  • WELL worth beyond the price tag.
    Tanned beautifully
    Quality craftsmanship and the personalized note about the maker and the process, plus how to care for it, was a very nice touch.
  • I have recommended this particular bag and brand to both family and friends. I will most definitely be a repeat customer.
    I bought the 30 inches with the additional side pockets. It is very large. Great for winter months because of the bulky clothes/boots and will do just fine to hold a week or more of clothes for warmer weather. Despite its size, it is very streamlined and sleek looking. No one would ever suspect how much this bag cost.
  • Beautiful bag! It is quite large and I can easily fit 4 pairs of jeans, shirts and t-shirts, and a pair of shoe inside, along with a toiletry bag and my 15″ laptop. It does smell a bit when it arrives, but just get as much UV exposure to it, and the scent will lessen dramatically and you get that beautiful dark tone come through as the leather actually gets more supple.
  • If you are looking for a bag that is industrially cut and sewn, this is not your bag.
    This is a bag for someone looking for a quality product with a rustic charm that comes with hand-made products. A leather bag at this price point is not going to be made perfectly with highly precise clean cuts, sewing, etc, The craftwork is of high quality and looks great, it’s when you look closely at the details that you see the charming hand-touch.
    At this point, I do not see any weak points.
  • The bag was packed well, it came in a draw-string pouch, which was wrapped in plastic. I plan on using the draw-string pouch to store dirty laundry in the bag or some other use. There was also a thank you note with helpful care instructions Highly recommend.

The Cons of Customer Reviews

  • It is leather and therefore it is possible to be scratched or nicked if a hard-sided bag is thrown on top of or dragged across it in a bin. Think of it as a fine leather garment for clothes, I suppose.. if you drag metal or hard plastic over a thin leather coat you might be unhappy with the result.
  • I bought this bag for multi-purpose travel… including airline travel. You cannot check in a bag that has a fixed shoulder strap, and therefore I wouldn’t be able to use this bag for most of the travel I do. It’s a shame because the quality was so good.
  • Others have commented on the odor, and yes, there is an odor associated with this item, but I do not believe it to be that overpowering. It smells like leather. A smell which I rather like.
  • It is too big.


It’s a good handmade quality Leather Duffel bag that is big enough to use for a weekend away but there are many other ways of using it.

I like this Leather Duffel Bag because it is handmade and of good quality and is unique.


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I hope you enjoyed this review and if you want to leave your own personal review, leave a comment below.

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  1. Thank you for a thorough review of the leather duffel bag.

    I have been looking for a “all-in-one” bag to use for everything and this is perfect for my gym sessions and my weekend trips.

    What kind of leather is this bag made from?

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