Countertop Blender Reviews – Is This Homgeek Smoothie Blender Powerful!!!

Homgeek Professional Countertop Blender,  Product Overview.
This Homgeek Countertop Blender is absolutely a quality gift and is not costing an arm and a leg.

The reason smoothies have become so popular during the past decade is pretty simple:  They’re versatile, quick, highly nutritious and delicious. They are perfect for busy people who want to make sure they get all of their nutrients and the  Homgeek Counter Blender makes a perfect smoothie.

Each and every day we eat more or less the same food, but what is healthier than a nutritious juice and veggie shake in the morning or even during the day, instead of eating a full plate of food.  The Homgeek blender offers you enough power and precise textures to meet any recipe request.

Just a little something interesting. What is the difference between a milkshakes and a smoothies?

Milkshakes are dairy based, which are mostly prepared with fruits, ice cream an syrups.  Whereas, smoothies are made  with fruits, adding up ingredients like milk, yogurt or seeds…. The reason way it is named smoothie is because of its smooth texture and consistency.

The first smoothies were primarily made of fruits, fruit juice and ice.

Its more than just Juices

Explore All the Amazing Recipe You Can Make:

The blender is designed to make a wide variety of dishes and smoothies, with 4 preset smart programs and 8 variable speed function you can create salsas, ice creams, frozen drinks, crush ice, hot soups- blend hot ingredients by physical heating, ideal for making baby’s food, pulverizing nuts into butter in minutes and much more in restaurant – style.

Recipe Book

You will learn a lot of new and useful tips about healthy eating and drinking with the recipe book with 50 ideas for smoothies, shakes and much more.

Healthy Made Easy

This blender comes to supporting your healthy lifestyle and fit your daily nutritional needs in a simple easy way. All materials are BPA free and LFGB approved.

2-Part Lid

The smaller lid allows you to add food through it, even in processing.

Self-Cleaning Function

Easily clean the blender by self-cleaning function after every use.

Built to Last Quality Results

A bargain blender is a bargain while it can also last to the end. Most hardened and heavy-duty 3-layer stainless steel blades are designed to handle the toughest ingredients. Top Metal Drive system allows a longer lifespan. Those durable designs helping you buy dependable, not disposable.

100% Risk Free Purchase

Comes with a motor base, 2L Tritan container, cookbook, manual guide, tamper and a small shovel that helps to pour out the food. ETL approved. LAB Certified product and 12 months quality warranty. Lifetime customer service to support you.

My Personal Product/Service Reviews

This Homgeek blender is overall powerful.

It is easy to use.
Easy to clean and put back together.
Not expensive compared with another brand.
Can use for smoothies with frozen fruit.
Crushing Ice.
It blends to a smooth consistency very quickly.
Most of the blender is built in hard plastic including the jar and got stainless steel blades.
The preset has his its own timing and automatically changes speed.
Came with a blender plunger that you can stick in to get everything thoroughly blended while it is blending.

12 months quality warranty. Lifetime customer service to support you.


The 1450W, 2.25HP motor could speed up to 28000-30000 RPM. Crush all kinds of food effectively.

Have all the power you need to pulverize ingredients and maximize the extraction of nutrients and vitamins from foods at the same time, perfect for making food for old people and children. Make smooth smoothies.

The High Power High speed, built-in timer, helps you monitor blends length to avoid over processing. Works with all variable speeds and smart programs for staggered blending. It’s an efficient blender and comes with a Tritan Jar.
Value for the money.
Good quality, inexpensive price.

Definitely recommend the Homgeek blender because it’s an Amazon choice blender.

If this sounds appealing to you, I highly recommend that you buy the Homgeek blender from Amazon now.

“If you buy through this link, I as an Amazon Associate will earn a small commission without costing you more”.


PS. I like the fact that it come with a
Lifetime customer service to support you.

I hope you enjoyed this review and if you want to leave your own personal review, leave a comment blow.


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  1. I have really been wanting to get a blender with more POWER. The ones I have just never seem to get the job done. I also love the fact that it’s self-cleaning, I have never seen that before!! Great review!

  2. I’m trying to make fruit juice every morning for our family’s health. I need a blender which has more power because sometimes we put frozen banana or berries. I think this review on the product is very helpful and I’ll definitely think about this blender putting on my wish list.

  3. The price of this blender is so affordable for the power that it offers.
    I am very amazed at the ability to make hot soup just by the speed of the blender alone. No heating element needed.

    Blended foods are so much easier on the digestive system and this seems like a great blender to get the job done in so many ways.

    Thanks for the review, definitely a blender to try out for the price.

  4. Making smoothies is so popular today. I recently to a smoothie store and to buy one it was a reasonable price but only because they have a special deal on that day of the week. Normally it would be twice the price and I can not afford to buy them on a regular basis. It makes so much more sense to make them at home and this blender sounds fantastic!

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