Best Men Leather Wallet- Unique gifts for men and women – a2z -Awesome TOP Genuine Leather Wallet, with 2 ID Windows

Best Leather Wallet – An unique gift for men and women. A TOP Genuine Leather RFID Bifold Trifold Slim Wallet with 2 ID Windows

Nice Gift idea and is nicely packed in a premium gift box, perfect gift for the one who deserves to have!

Product Description

  • This wallet is Sophisticated, elegant and chic – Comes with hand-made lining stitches which is super neat and strong.
  • Bifold closure
  • It’s a High-end Cowhide wallet and made from Top-Grain/ Napa Pebble Grain Genuine Leather. This high-end cowhide leather provides a comfortable touch, natural subtle texture/smell, structural durabilities and RFID Blocking technology.

RFID blocking technology

  • Using unique military-grade proprietary blocking material, protect cards from unknown scans with the unique protective layering crafted inside the wallet lining.
  • Have been tested and approved at 10 MHz to 3000 MHz, including the 13.57 Mhz that RFID cards use in Credit cards, 2 Debit cards and Identity cards, etc.
  • Large capacity and compact wallet.
  • It is designed to be extremely thin. This wallet is about 0.6 inches (before use). SIZE: 4.53″ x 3.74″ x 0.6″
  • You can easily put more than 30+ paper dollars and 10+ cards without looking bloated.
  • 2 ID Windows: One ID for your driver’s license, one ID for your family photo.
  • 10 card slots: 8 card slots and 2 hidden slots allow you to put more than 10 to 14 cards in the wallet.
  • 2 big cash shots: Make it easier to check and put the dollar bills.

Can NOT block RFID signals from cards work at a frequency of 125 KHz: Older prox cards and Some building access cards.

  • 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE in 30 days; 24-Month Warranty for Quality-Related Issues.

  • The leather is very nice. The surface is not slick and shiny but has a more “natural” grain to it. You can easily place all the cards and IDs in place with no problem. There is a billing area and it has a divider that allows you to organize bills, receipts, checks, etc. When folded, it is not a “fat” wallet. Overall this is a nice wallet.
  • Love the color, it’s better than in the pictures. The dual ID holder is great as well as the dual paper currency holder. It holds everything I had in my trifold wallet. Plenty of pockets and compartments to put things. I tested the RFID and the sensors didn’t even blink when I put my door access card up the receiving unit as if it was invisible. I even put the door access card in the outer paper currency holder during the test. If you’re looking for a true RFID blocking wallet that works, this would be the one to get.
  • This is the best I’ve had because it’s slimmer, and yet has plenty of room to hold enough cards. The depth of the bill’s compartment is perfect so they’re not sticking out. The divider is a little lower making it easy to keep bills or checks apart comfortably. Even with cards in, it still remains thin and very comfortable. Highly recommend this wallet.
  • I have finally found a great wallet that meets my needs. The wallet is a stylish black leather wallet. It has plenty of slots for all types of cards, licenses, gift cards, etc. It does not feel bulky when sitting although I did not have it completely full. It came in a nice box if you choose this as a gift. I would definitely recommend this wallet if you do not want to break the bank and need a good quality wallet.
  • Well-made, lots of slots/compartments, affordable, not as slim as some other wallets.
  • Well constructed, leather is soft but appears durable and well-stitched (time, of course, will tell). The dual/divided currency compartment is a nice feature, one most wallet no longer includes. I also like the hidden compartments BEHIND the 4-card slots on either side; these help me store items that are not standard “credit card” size (e.g. business cards, coupons, punch cards). The fold-over flap which has two see-through compartments for ID (one on either side) is sewn/attached to the top of the left side of the card slots; it does add a little bulk, but it also provides two more windows/card slots without taking up any of the main card slots in the wallet itself. Others may not need the extra slots (I like them), nor like the extra bulk (I don’t mind). For those who carry their wallet in their pants pocket (I do not), this wallet might be not the slimmest choice, but it appears to be well-made, with lots of storage space, and for a relatively inexpensive price. At first glance, I’ll call myself a satisfied customer.
  • This wallet is the best I have ever owned, by far. I could not be happier. The leather is genuine, smooth, and flexible. The stitching is perfect. The design meets all my needs. It has plenty of slots for cards that I use frequently, and there are other places to store additional cards or documents. I particularly like the two windows for displaying identification. The wallet is a little wider than my old one, and I like that, too. My paper bill’s fit deeply into the wallet and will be more protected. I expect that it will serve me well for a couple of years at least. I recommend this wallet.
  • Comfortable wallet for the back. Very nice wallet. Not too big nor bulky in my back pant’s pocket. This wallet is just right for my back hip pocket and is made of top-grain leather (which you can smell when you take it out of the box). After transferring all my credit cards and other items over to this new wallet I could barely feel it when I am sitting down and driving. Very comfortable wallet.
  • Quality craftsmanship. Excellent product, soft leather care and maintenance instructions. Great design.
  • Good choice. This very nice wallet looks as though it would have come from a high-class boutique. Quite an acceptable wallet and at an affordable price. Really good packaging for a gift, you can combine it with a belt and maybe even a metal pen and you have a nice gift set.

Less positive reviews

  • It is high-quality leather. I wish it were a bit higher and would hold one more card on each side. Even after eliminating less-frequently-used cards, I find I am carrying a lot of cards around.
  • Nice wallet but a little too big/thick for me. It’s a nice wallet and is just as shown and described. In practical use, I found it to be a little too thick once my cards were inserted. Also, the outside dimensions are a little too long for my taste although I convinced myself to the contrary before purchasing. I went with a Flipside 4 instead but I did not return this one as I think a more flexible wallet such as this one could have advantages at times.
  • Genuine Leather for sure, wow the smell will knock you down like in a horse tack shop, several months before it went away, other than that a great product would buy next time but would let it air out for a few months before I use it.
  • This Wallet is thin, yet has a quality feel to it. The fine thread stitching is strong, yet unnoticeable. The money pockets are oversized with room to spare, allowing easy access to browse your cash, or move it in/ out with ease. Lots of storage in this Wallet for id-cards, plastic or paper. This tri-fold Wallet is not bulky when loaded.
  • Fits comfortably in my pocket. It seems to be a quality billfold and has lots of room. It is just a little bigger than my last one but still fits comfortably in my pocket.
  • I would like it better without the name on the outside, but I understand them putting their name on there. I would buy this one again, most happy with this purchase.
  • Good price and seems very durable, with a lot of room for different items carried in my wallet. Larger than my previous wallet, so difficult to get in and out of some of my suit jacket pockets, so check the size compared to your current wallet.
  • I like the attached double-sided ID holder. It does add thickness to the wallet. No thumb hole cut in the plastic ID window to allow easy sliding of your ID out. I will have modified it myself. My old wallet is slightly smaller in length and height. The new wallet (1 1/2”-1 3/4”) appears thicker by 1/4-1/2 inch from old wallet holding the same cards/bill’s etc. The width will probably change after getting broken in. I had hoped the new wallet could handle the same amount of stuff but would be thinner than the old wallet. Time will tell.


  • The wallet is made in China.
  • Have a separator for bills and it is easy to take bills out.
  • The clear ID is sewn into the wallet and not removable.
  • The word “top-grain” and “genuine leather” are not conflicting. According to the way of segmentation, Top-grain means it is the outer most part of the hide, it is also called the first layer of the leather. Some genuine leather uses the second layer of the hide. It is genuine leather too, but they are not as good as the Top-grain genuine leather. Cowhide can be multi-layer segmentation(up to 8 layers).
    According to process, this Simideo wallet calls full-grain/ Nappa pebble grain genuine leather will be the most appropriate description. A full grain Cowhide is left with all its natural characteristics and markings in the processing stages. Nappa is a process known as South Korea, and after the Nappa process, the texture of the cortex will be much better. The leather, used in our wallets, also uses in genuine leather seats of premium cars. You can find consistency when you touch and smell this wallet.
  • You can easily put 30+ paper bills and 10+ cards without looking bloated. Remember the more cash and credit cards you carry the thicker it’s going to get. The wallet usually requires a few weeks of “wearing in” time for a better fold-over, reducing thickness, and slide cards in/out well.
  • This wallet physically has 8 card slots plus two 2 clear ID holders. In 8 card slots, 2 are hidden card slots. Per hidden card slot is a large size and allows you to put 2 cards in. If you don’t carry a lot of cash, you could also put 2 cards into one of the normal card slots. The unique hidden design and large slot design make this wallet slim. It doesn’t need more slots to carry up to 12 cards in this slim wallet easily.
  • Euros will fit in this wallet.
  • This wallet is made of Top-Grain/ Napa Pebble Grain Genuine Leather, you can clearly see the natural skin pores and grain characteristics of the cowhide skin. It is softness and there is definitely a smell of leather.

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  1. I don’t buy wallets very often, but I read your article with interest because my wife is telling me I need a new one.  This looks like a great wallet.  I like the textured look although I normally use a Tri fold.  I am going to check to see if there are Tri fold wallets available in the same color and style.  Your review was very thorough. I had not thought about how many things should be considered when getting a wallet before reading this article.

    1. Thank you for taking the time to read my review. I am glad that I could help with info that can help you. When I was reviewing this wallet, I thought, yes this is what my husband would like so I bought my him one for his birthday that’s on 22 Feb. I hope he would feel the same about this wallet that I am.  I feel better now that you also think it is a great wallet. 

  2. This apparently has quality written all over it. I have been on the lookout for an ideal item to gift a perfect gentleman, now it appears my search is over. It is certainly impressive to find that it an take up to 8 cards and still have space for 2 IDs. It is also reassuring to find that others who use it are satisfied with the quality. I’ll definitely get one. Thanks 

  3. Thanks a lot for delivering this product review post!

    The fact of coming with a money-back guarantee shows how confident manufacturers are about the Quality being delivered. 24 months is definitely a good guarantee. 

    One of it’s greatest values is not looking bloated (as mention within your post). Does it come in a brown color too?

  4. I am glad to see your article because from here I found the best Valentine’s Day gift for my dear husband. I want to gift Genuine Leather RFID Bifold Trifold Slim Wallet with 2 ID Windows. Because my husband likes this type of wallet. And I liked it very much. So I will buy it. I know he will be very happy to receive this special gift. I have a question. If I bought this, how long would it take to deliver? Is it have any other color? Thanks for this post.

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